2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Garden Lovers

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Garden Lovers

Monday, October 3, 2022

Whether you’re curating gifts for master gardeners or new plant parents, these gift ideas offer something special for everyone!

Tools and Garden Accessories

  • Put the Power in Planting: Transform the garden with Power Planter’s Ultimate Gardener Starter Bundle. From seasoned gardeners or new homeowners, this bundle helps you plant dig, mix and more. The kit includes two garden auger drill bits and a DeWalt 20v cordless drill to make planting a breeze. Hand-welded and proudly made in the USA, Power Planter augers are guaranteed to last!
  • Tools for Beginners: Centurion’s 3-piece lawn and garden set delivers everything in one package to get any yard in top shape. The ergonomic steel lopper, heavy hardened carbon steel hedge shears, and a comfortable molded grip pruner make trimming and cutting branches, bushes, and plants a breeze. Plus, bright yellow handles make them easy to find when left outside.
  • Spoil the Organic Gardener in Your Life: With over 1/3 of gardeners interested in organics, Park Seed's Organic Seed Bio Dome is a perfect gift. This seed-starting system creates an ideal growing environment where light, water, heat, and air circulation are just right for nurturing young seedlings. Certified Organic seeds included: Cucumber Marketmore, Radish Sparkler, Arugula, Squash Green Machine Hybrid, Basil Emily, Tomato Black Krim, and Pepper Oranos Hybrid.
  • Never weed again: Let the solar-powered robotic weeding device from the inventor of Roomba do the chores for you. This device uses two strategies to control weeds. First, its wheels churn the top layer of soil, killing pre-emergent weeds. Then, if any weeds do sprout, Tertill cuts them down with a string trimmer.

Plants, Plants and more Plants

  • The Hottest New Houseplant: It’s no secret houseplants are having a moment, but many collectors are missing an essential addition. Hardworking carnivorous plants. Cape Sundews from Predatory Plants are easy to grow and always hungry, drastically reducing fly and gnat populations indoors. Always compact, they are perfect for any indoor plant collection. Try the red and white.
  • Ruby Red Blooms and Winter Foliage: While most of the garden is asleep in winter, Encore® Azalea Autumn Fire is putting on a show with winter foliage in hues of purple and bronze. This petite azalea is a fantastic size for gifting and containers, reaching 2.5’. Autumn Fire’s blaze of color kicks off in spring with a shower of velvety red semi-double blooms, and like all Encore Azaleas, it reblooms in fall. This cold hardier Encore variety thrives in USDA Zones 6a-10b, and offers visual appeal year-round as an evergreen shrub.
  • From Golden Leaves to Holiday Wreaths: What plant can add sparkle to your yard in July and decorate your door in December? Golden Oakland™ Holly from Sunset® Plant Collection! This remarkable holly offers distinct oak-shaped leaves and dazzling golden variegated foliage. With an upright growth habit, Golden Oakland needs little pruning and makes a terrific choice for containers and hedges. When the cold weather rolls around, snip some of its golden boughs to weave into a stunning holiday wreath that shines with the magic of the season.
  • A Gift that Generates BUZZ: Make magic happen by giving back to pollinators, people, and the planet. The new native plant collections from Garden for Wildlife provide food and habitat for pollinators over three seasons. Collections are customized by region and chosen to support the highest number of backyard butterflies, bees, fireflies, and song birds. Take the guesswork out of plant selection with plants delivered directly to your loved one’s door. Purchase a gift card or pre-order plants today.
  • These Pink Flowers Burst into Bloom When Temps Drop: Abundant with wintertime flowers, October Magic® Light Pink Shi Shi™ Camellia is a blooming delight when the weather’s cool! This new camellia from Southern Living® Plant Collection offers a low, spreading habit and deep green glossy foliage, measuring 4–5′ high by 4–5′ wide when mature. Soft and lush pink blooms with yellow centers make Shi Shi the perfect addition to on-trend cut flower gardens. The semi-double blooms arrive in October and bloom into December. Shi Shi is well-suited for USDA Zones 7a - 10b and takes full sun to partial shade.
  • Rare Find: Alocasia Dawn is an exotic RARE plant with striking color patterns and variations from Nature’s Way Farms. Its large, heart shaped, glossy leaves marbled with tones of light green and white make this a unique plant and an ideal focal point for any patio, porch, deck or garden. It can also be enjoyed indoors as a houseplant, placement near a window is ideal. This plant enjoys bright indirect light. 

Backyard Bird Enthusiasts

  • Feed Your Backyard Friends: Centurion Brand’s Clear Glass Vintage Finish Hummingbird Feeder is perfect for anyone looking to attract hummingbirds to their garden. The easy-to-clean, wide-mouth glass body holds up to 10 oz. of nectar. Five feeding ports and perches helps reduce fighting and encourages several hummingbirds to feed at once. The bee and wasp-resistant ports help keep nectar clean. Hang the feeder from a branch or use the attached hanger for hours of hummingbird enjoyment.
  • A nutritious feast for feathered friends: Hang this 9” seed and nut Birdseed Wreath as a hearty welcome for feathered friends. Decorated with lavender raffia and a butterfly and rich with safflower, peanuts, tree nuts, white millet, and black oil sunflower, a songbird favorite, it is an attractive, tidy way to feed hungry birds.

Classes, Experiences and Together Time

  • Virtual Garden Festival Tickets Help Them Get Growing: Pre-register a beginner gardener for Great Grow Along, a virtual garden festival March 10-19th, 2023. The event features the biggest names in gardening and offers dynamic online learning from landscaping to houseplants. Live Q&As let attendees chat and ask question with experts in real-time. Get 40+ hours of DIY and how-tos at NO COST. Plant the seeds for a lifetime of learning – all from the comfort of your own couch! 
  • On-Demand Learning: Gain new skills, connect with experts, & have more fun in your garden with the new courses from Gardening Know How. Current courses include Creating a Butterfly Garden and No-Waste Kitchen Gardening. Buy the courses now and gift to a budding gardener in your life to watch and re-watch for months to come.