Becoming the Year-Round Gardener

Becoming the Year-Round Gardener

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

New Heavy-Duty Polytunnel from Bio Green, the Super Dome, Extends Harvest

With over 16 million people turning to gardening in 2020, beginner and experienced gardeners alike are looking to get more from their gardens – for less.

With Bio Green’s vision of helping new gardener succeed, and providing high-quality garden products for all, they created The Super Dome Polytunnel. Manufactured with heavy-duty 90 GSM Greenhouse Film and welded eyelets, it can withstand the ever-changing weather conditions in many regions.

“The Super Dome is made of a tear-proof material and is perfect for the homesteader and any gardener looking to extend their harvest, without breaking the bank,” said Alfred Brusius, Business Development Manager of Bio Green.

Measuring just under 10 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, the polytunnel has two openings for ventilation and plant care. A shading material sewn into the roof adds extra protection against the harsh sun’s rays and heat.

Using the Super Dome allows gardeners at least a two-week head start, enabling seeds to sprout earlier and produce a more bountiful harvest sooner in the growing season. Once seeds germinate, they can be moved out from under the polytunnel for the remainder of the season, or the polytunnel can be disassembled and put away until the next chance of frost.

The polytunnel can protect in-ground plants on zone edges such as gardenia and azalea or used for covering potted plants and raised beds to extend harvesting of edibles.

Setup is simple and requires no additional materials. Just pop it into place and tether it to the ground for stabilization and wind resistance.

When used in the colder months, adding a heat source in the polytunnel will give extra temperature protection to the seedlings and plants when the frost hits overnight.

Learn more about the Super Dome Polytunnel and all of the other great products that Bio Green has to offer at

Bio Green, a German-based company, is the provider of innovative and effective products centered around successful gardening and creating ideal growing conditions to nurture plants and gardens year-round.

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