Bulb Exporters Name Triumph Tulip Bulb of the Year

Bulb Exporters Name Triumph Tulip Bulb of the Year

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Gardeners and Growers Agree Classic Tulip Collection is the Superstar of 2021

Every year, European bulb exporters choose one group of bulbs to highlight. The 2021 winner is Triumph tulips! Bred for superior traits, the Triumph tulip results from a cross between early and late single-flowered tulips and is the largest group of tulip varieties.

Triumph tulips are, without doubt, the most familiar and most popular flower bulb. They come in almost every color and have blue-green, occasionally yellow-green, or variegated leaves. With their beautiful, bright colors, they are an excellent addition to any garden.

Currently, there are more than 8,000 registered varieties, with new ones added yearly. The blooms are single and have the typical tulip shape that starts like a cone and transforms into an oval after opening.

Like all tulips, the bulbs are planted in the fall for a spring show of color. Blooming in mid-and early spring between 9 and 19 inches high, their sturdy stems help them stand up through bad weather and make them a tremendous spring-cut flower.

While they are gorgeous flowers in any setting, Triumph tulips put on a spectacular show when planted in drifts. Combine several bright colors to create fantastic displays.

Other Facts about Tulips:

  • Some cultivars have a luscious, light scent. Examples include Tulipa 'Brown Sugar' and Tulipa 'Shirley.'
  • Tulips are grouped according to their flowering time and flower shape. The Triumph tulip belongs to one of the fifteen tulip groups.
  • Triumph tulips are excellent for forcing.
  • Europe exports a total of 2.5 billion tulip bulbs.
  • The 23 largest tulip varieties account for 40% of the total tulip production.
  • The yellow tulip 'Strong Gold' is, by far, the most popular; it belongs to the Triumph tulip group.

To learn more about Triumph tulips and previous winners of The Flower Bulb of The Year, go to Flowerbulbs.com. These easy-to-plant European flower bulbs will bring you joy week after week, year after year, as they bloom and spread.

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