Costa Farms

Miami, FL

Costa Farms is passionate about plants!

So much so that they grow more than 1,500 varieties on 5,200 acres. A 60-year-old family-run company, Costa started on just 30 acres when founder, Jose Costa Sr., grew tomatoes and calamondin citrus. In 2008, Garden Media Group started working with Costa and together, we pioneered campaigns such as O2 For You, Tropic Escape, and Plants of Steel.

Today, we’re driven to help make new and rare houseplants more accessible to all. We helped Costa introduce Raven® ZZ to North America, and countless others. We help promote Costa’s plant hunter and other passionate growers who make Costa Farms come to life.   

Whether you buy Costa plants from your local plant shop or online and have them shipped fresh from our farm, your plants have been come from an experienced team dedicated to your success. Together, Garden Media Group and Costa Farms are working to have a houseplant on every windowsill!


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