Holiday Inspiration: Gift Ideas and Products for Winter 2021

Holiday Inspiration: Gift Ideas and Products for Winter 2021

Monday, October 4, 2021

With the promise of a bright holiday season ahead for 2021, gardening and houseplant gifts are poised to bring joy to millions of households as the season of giving returns.

Whether you’re curating gifts for master gardeners or newbies, these products offer something special for everyone on the list!

1) Beautiful Blooms for a Color-Filled Season

Add a little magic to the holidays with the stunning scarlet blooms of October Magic® Ruby™ Camellia! A compact semi-dwarf camellia, Ruby makes the perfect gift for container planting, accent, cut flower garden, and more! Its fully double Christmas red blooms decorate deep olive green, super glossy foliage, lending softness and color to the landscape. Blooming heavily throughout fall, Ruby measures 3-4’H by 4-5’W when mature and thrives in USDA Zones 7-9.

2) A Holiday Gift that Generates a BUZZ!

Make magic happen this holiday by giving a gift that gives back to pollinators, people, and the planet. The new native plant collections from Garden for Wildlife provide food and habitat for pollinators over three seasons. Collections are customized by region and chosen by scientists to support the highest number of backyard butterflies, bees, and birds. This gift takes the guesswork out of plant selection and plants are delivered directly to your loved one’s door. Purchase a gift card or pre-order plants today. (Starting at $68

3) Perfect for Small Spaces

The new folding watering can and collapsible bucket are created by Centurion with storage and mobility in mind. The heavy-duty non-porous silicone offers superior strength while the foldable and detachable parts make them easy to use anywhere. Whether working with a small container garden or a large backyard operation, these work with every project and space. ($16.48 and $21.79, Amazon)

4) A Snowy White Azalea – Perfect for Pots!

Encore® Azalea Autumn Angel offers billowy blooms that look like a layer of freshly fallen snow when they emerge. Like all Encore Azaleas, this repeat bloomer provides a dazzling show spring through autumn. The huge, crisp white single blooms spanning 3” and bright evergreen foliage lends year-round visual interest to this compact plant. Measuring 3’ by 3’ when mature, Autumn Angel looks beautiful in planters, en masse, or as an accent in the landscape. Suitable for USDA Zones 7a-10b.

5) Made to Last Tools

This 3-piece lawn and garden set from Centurion delivers everything in one package to get any yard in tip-top shape. The ergonomic steel lopper, heavy hardened carbon steel hedge shears, and a comfortable molded grip pruner make trimming and cutting tree branches, bushes, and plants a breeze. Plus, bright yellow handles make them easy to find in the garden. ($30.98, Lowe’s)

6) Virtual Garden Festival Tickets Help Them Get Growing! (Affiliate program)

Do you prefer gifting experiences over things? Grab tickets for Great Grow Along, a virtual garden festival March 11-20th, 2022, for your favorite plant parent. The event features the biggest names in gardening and offers dynamic online learning from landscaping to houseplants. Live Q&As let attendees chat and ask question with experts in real-time. At $29.99 per ticket for 40+ hours of DIY and how-tos, it’s a great way to plant the seeds for a lifetime of learning – all from the comfort of your own couch! ($29.99,

7) Amaryllis and Paperwhites Make the Holidays Sparkle!

This holiday, give the gift of long-lasting, fresh flowers. Amaryllis and Paperwhites are bulbs that can grow and bloom indoors for many weeks during the gray days of winter. Amaryllis come in a wide array of colors and forms to accent any holiday décor. Paperwhites, relatives of the daffodils, fill the air with a delightful fragrance. These gifts will brighten your loved ones’ spirits all through the holiday season. (

8) Put the Power in Planting (Available at Amazon. Affiliate program.)

Transform your garden with ease this spring with Power Planter’s Auger Starter Pack. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a new homeowner, this set is a great choice for planting bulbs, seeds, grass plugs and annuals. The kit includes two garden auger drill bits that turn any hand power drill into a powered soil digger that can make planting a breeze. Hand-welded and proudly made in the USA, products are guaranteed to last! ($39.50

9) A Better Saucer for Plant Parents

The new Drain Away Drain Tray is perfect for small space, beginner, or container gardeners. Replace old, outdated saucers that hold water, leak, or create water stains with the sloped drain tray. Water drains out and away from the plant. Place beautiful potted plants on decks, around pools, anywhere you want without worrying about rotted roots, dirty mess, or water stains. Make all aspects of growing potted plants easier and cleaner. ($19.99

10) High-Tech Garden Tool to Do Your Yard Work for You

Sure, you could crouch in the dirt pulling weeds out by the root. Or, you could sic the turtle-like Tertill Garden Weeding Robot on them. Every day, the Tertill roams your plant beds, chopping the tops off emerging weeds before they suffocate your dahlias. With a rugged, weatherproof shell and top-mounted solar panel to power the device, it can stay in your garden all season long. Just remember to cage your seedlings. ($349,