Houseplants From Costa Farms Fit Every Personality

Houseplants From Costa Farms Fit Every Personality

Monday, February 29, 2016

People are hard-wired to connect with nature and what better way to connect than with a plant that’s a reflection of your personality traits? Every houseplant is different, with characteristics that make it a perfect match for a particular person.

“Don’t underestimate the power of a houseplant to improve your mood,” says Justin Hancock, garden expert at Costa Farms. “They make us smile, clean the air and add beauty to our homes and offices.”

Adding just one plant to a room or office can lower heart rates and blood pressure, and reduce cortisol levels.

Plants, like people, can have such different personalities. Read on to find out which plants are best suited to particular lifestyles.

The eye-catching snake plant is the definition of fierce. Tall, spear-like leaves weave their way to the top with a modern look that’s all its own. And there’s no doubt that this plant loves being the center of attention — line up multiple snake plants for a look that has symmetry, texture and color.

Orchids feature showy flowers that stay in bloom for months. Choose an orchid in a show-stopping single color such as white, light pink, fuchsia or yellow to really draw attention. Or, opt for an orchid with expressive splashes and spots for a more vibrant look. Beautiful moth orchids are easy to grow and are the ideal accessory for any décor style.

There’s no doubt that creative people act and think differently from everyone else. That’s why crotons and creatives are a match made in heaven. Croton’s spectacular leaves and colorful foliage are sure to inspire and energize their surroundings. Boldly marked with streaks of bright yellow, orange, red and even black, crotons are truly exotic.

Easy going, but different, red aglaonema is a fitting choice for people who are independent and original. It’s one of the easiest houseplants to grow and one of the most stylish. Bright red or pink variegation makes a fashionable statement against dark green leaves.

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