Reading the Tea Leaves:
How We Predict Our Garden, Landscape Design and Green Lifestyle Trends


We research. We explore.

GMG researches global consumer trends to see what’s happening from home design to fashion.  We talk with our trusted media sources and garden experts worldwide. Then we read the tea leaves, peer into our crystal ball,and share what we see up and coming in gardening, landscape design and green living,

so you can be in the know.


In our first report in 2001, we predicted outdoor living would be a huge trend. We predicted container gardening in 2003 and the rise of vegetable gardening as early as 2004.

We spotted a renewed interest in natives in 2007,

the ‘buy local’ movement in 2008, and vertical gardening in 2009.



Why should you care about lawn and garden trends?
It’s simple.

  • Be the first to fill these emerging consumer demands.
  • Select or create best selling new products, enhance customer experiences and improves services well in advance.
  • Attract customers who are “living the trends” by speaking their language in your marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns.

Trends drive consumers and consumers drive sales. When you’re ahead of the curve, your company becomes a trendsetter


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