Power Planter Introduces Ice Auger Drill Attachment & Blades

Power Planter Introduces Ice Auger Drill Attachment & Blades

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

The Ultimate Tool to Cut Through Ice with Ease

Power Planter is excited to announce the launch of their American-made Ice Auger Drill Attachment & Blades for ice fishing enthusiasts!

The ice auger drill attachment is a significant upgrade compared to tedious manual augers and is much more convenient to haul to the lake than bulky gas-powered alternatives. Simply pack the heavy-duty auger, ice attachment blades, and a charged cordless drill into your vehicle, and you’re ready to catch some fish.

When used with the new ice auger attachment blades, the Power Planter 7”x28” heavy-duty auger is the most versatile tool in its class. For most of the year, the heavy-duty auger can make quick work of digging holes for any job around the yard. But when temperatures drop and lakes freeze, the same heavy-duty auger can become an ice auger! Simply remove the pilot auger tip and easily insert the ice-auger attachment blades to the heavy-duty auger, and now you can easily cut perfect holes through thick ice.

The ice auger bundle can be used with any 18V or 20V cordless drill. Purchase extensions to dig deeper if needed. The ice auger attachment blades work exclusively with the Power Planter 7”x28” heavy-duty auger.  You can purchase the auger and ice auger attachment blades separately or as part of a bundle.

Whether you're a seasoned ice fishing pro or new to the sport, the Ice Auger Drill Attachment & Blades is sure to make your time on the ice more efficient and enjoyable. So why wait? Get your Ice Auger Drill Attachment & Blades today and start catching more fish than ever!

Visit https://powerplanter.com/drills-and-augers/heavy-duty-augers/ice-auger-d... to learn more and order yours now.

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