Grow Smarter, Not Harder: Park Seed Unveils 'Sow Effortless Collection™' Gardening Solutions

Grow Smarter, Not Harder: Park Seed Unveils 'Sow Effortless Collection™' Gardening Solutions

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New collection of Seed Mats, Tapes, Discs, and Kits Now Available

Park Seed, a leader in home growing, announces the launch of its innovative new assortment, “Sow Effortless Collection™”. This collection contains pre-sown biodegradable seed mats, tapes, discs, and grow kits designed to simplify seed growing.

The new Sow Effortless Collection™ includes products that make gardening easier, such as a rolled-out seed mat or strips of seed tape. Whether starting microgreens, creating a patio flower garden, or planting vegetables, this curated collection provides a hassle-free solution to gardeners of all skill levels.

“Our goal is to make planting and growing easy and effective,” said Kelly Funk, president and CEO of Park Seed. “Sow Effortless Collection™ gives gardeners a reliable and efficient way to sow and grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Even the most novice gardeners can achieve outstanding results.”

Why Choose Sow Effortless Collection™

  • Pre-Spaced for Perfection: Our biodegradable tapes and discs come with non-GMO pre-sown seeds spaced at optimal intervals, ensuring your plants have the room they need to thrive.
  • Water-Soluble Ease: Our water-soluble tapes dissolve quickly upon watering, embedding your seeds directly into the soil without risking them washing away or clustering. Experience the satisfaction of seeing evenly spaced plants emerge in neat rows, just as you envisioned.
  • Biodegradable Innovation: Committed to sustainability, our seed starting aids are biodegradable, turning into nourishment for your growing plants. This eco-friendly approach supports the health of your garden and the planet.
  • Simplicity Meets Variety: Our convenient seed solutions include everything you need to grow a diverse garden, from the tiniest seeds to a mix of microgreens. Handy discs and roll-out mats make starting your microgreen garden, patio flower patch, or vegetable bed easier than ever without worrying about spacing or sowing techniques.
  • Time-Saving Gardening: Maximize your gardening efficiency with seed mats that save time and effort. Perfect for busy gardeners or those with limited mobility, our products are the epitome of "Sow Effortless," allowing more time to enjoy the beauty of your garden.

The products are designed with simplicity and sustainability, offering gardeners straightforward solutions that minimize environmental impact with all biodegradable materials.

“With our commitment to sustainability, convenience, and innovation, we're empowering gardeners to grow smarter, not harder,” said Funk. “We are excited to offer innovative products that support both the ease of gardening and the health of the environment."

Tailored for gardeners looking to take a fresh approach, these innovative products redefine simplicity in gardening. Let’s grow something good - available now. For more information about Park Seed's new products and offerings, visit or contact Jennifer Campa.

"At Park Seed, we believe that gardening should be accessible to everyone, and with our Sow Effortless Collection™, it's easier than ever," added Funk.

About Park Seed
Park Seed Company is an American mail-order and eCommerce seed company based in Greenwood, South Carolina, founded in 1868. Park Seed specializes in garden seeds, offering more than 1,100 varieties of flower, vegetable, and herb seeds, plus a large selection of bulbs, live plants, and gardening accessories. The company is at the forefront of gardening technology with its innovative From Seed to Spoon and Growbot apps, empowering gardeners with user-friendly solutions for optimal plant care. Park Seed has also worked with NASA to send seeds to space as part of a classroom education program.