OPCOM® Farm Introduces Two High-Tech Hydroponic Gardening Systems at Cultivate ‘16

OPCOM® Farm Introduces Two High-Tech Hydroponic Gardening Systems at Cultivate ‘16

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

To help people produce healthy plants and save time and money gardening, OPCOM Farm unveiled a set of hydroponic gardening products at Cultivate ’16.

Systems such as the GrowBox and GrowWall are necessities for any modern home, office or classroom. The DIY systems allow consumers to easily grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables while purifying the air.

Eldon Su, general manager for OPCOM Link USA, says anyone can grow organic, healthy herbs, fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants indoors year-round with the new vertical GrowWall and tabletop GrowBox.

“Our systems allow people to grow as if they are outdoors, but without the limitations of weather,” says Su. “We provide sophisticated, yet easy-to-use products that support gardening trends, whether at home, the office or classroom, in any climate or part of the world.”

The GrowWall uses a patented water circulating system to recycle 99 percent of its water.   Using a popular vertical garden design it is able to nurture any type of plant creating a natural air purifying system. The cost efficient LED lights and central control panel save gardener’s time, money and energy.

The GrowWall  comes with a starter set of seeds, seedling germination sponge and germination box for $499,

“Our GrowWall creates a very important connection between the gardener and the garden, making it easy to grow any plant. It’s ideal for the beginner to advanced garden enthusiast in virtually any setting,” said Su.

People looking to DIY their way to a healthy lifestyle can grow fruits, vegetables or up to 50 healthy herbs, as well as nutrient-packed sprouts in the GrowBox. This new tabletop system is $399 and comes fully adjustable to accommodate plants of various sizes.

The GrowBox uses sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, water pH, and more. Four patented multi-wavelength LED lamps help plants grow to reach their full potential.  

The GrowWall and GrowBox act as indoor forests and are the smartest, easiest ways to provide fresh air and fresh food indoors while also creating attractive living displays in any home, office, school or public venue.

“We’re ecstatic about the launch of our new design-forward products at Cultivate ‘16,” said Su. “They provide people with the healthiest food and plants possible, freshen the air and elevate moods.”

OPCOM Farm, product family of OPCOM Link USA, offers a collection of next-generation hydroponic farming systems that fuse the ancient practice of farming with new one-touch technology.  Pre-order the GrowBox and GrowWall online.

OPCOM Farm was established in 2015 with a mission to feed the world fresh, local produce year-round. Products help others grow fresh food in any season, any condition, any place indoors or out.  OPCOM Farm aims to help people experience life’s many reoccurring peaks by eating healthier. It’s always peak season when growing indoors, and fresh food harvested at peak ripeness and nutrition is best for the mind, body and soul. OPCOM Farm is a division of the OPCOM Group in Taiwan, a global pioneer in digital imaging and lighting solutions.


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