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Evison's Patio Clematis Breakthrough
Provides New Design Options for Container Gardeners


Editor's Note: Gardeners everywhere are offered fabulous new possibilities for decorating their patios, decks and balconies with Raymond Evison Patio Clematis™ Collection. Beautiful visuals available upon request.

Irvine, CA - February 2005 -The first clematis ever bred to be grown in a container will be unveiled to gardening enthusiasts at the Philadelphia Flower Show March 6-13.

The Raymond Evison Patio Clematis™ Collection, credited to be the most disease-resistant and longest-blooming clematis ever cultivated, will be introduced in the U.S. for the first time this spring. The coveted collection will be available at independent garden centers across the country this spring.

Garden writers and the horticultural elite are calling the patio collection the most talked-about plant series for spring 2005.

"As the first clematis bred to be contained, it's no surprise that Evison's potted vines have struck a cord with garden trendsetters," says Joe Gray, regional vice president of Hines Horticulture, the company that is helping to introduce the new clematis in North America. These usually long-blooming beauties have already scored appearances in leading magazines like Better Homes & Gardens, and Garden Design.

"These clematis are for anyone to grow," says Gray. Novice gardeners will like the fact that these low-maintenance clematis require minimal care and know-how; while advanced gardeners will be inspired with the range of design options the clematis provide in and out of their containers.

The brilliant Cezanne™, Picardy™ and Versailles™, all found in the Patio Collection, offer extraordinary vertical columns of color with their high flower and bud counts. Huge 4-inch wide flowers of brilliant jewel tones of magenta, blue and purple bloom well into fall. Unlike many older cultivars, these new clematis offer superior disease-resistance.

Cezanne, Picardy and Versailles thrive equally well in the garden outside of their containers. "They make for a dazzling groundcover, and can be beautifully interplanted with well-trained shrubs like gray juniper and shrub roses," Evison advises.

The Raymond Evison Patio Clematis Collection is being introduced in the U.S. through a partnership with Hines Horticulture, one of the largest purveyors of ornamental shrubs, color plants and container-grown plants and shrubs in North America. Hines searches the world to bring the best new plants like the Evison clematis to the home gardener.

For more information on the Raymond Evison Patio Collection™, visit www.hinesvines.com.



Cezanne™, a glorious violet,
  • Extremely free flowering
  • Flowers 6 - 7 inches wide
  • Flowers: early summer to mid-summer
  • Height: 2 - 3 feet on the patio
  • Instant color in patio ready containers

Picardy™, pinkish-red with contrasting yellow sepals

  • Extremely free flowering
  • Flowers 4 - 5 inches wide
  • Flowers from June - September
  • Height: 3 feet on the patio
  • Especially bred for containers, deck, patio or balcony
Versailles, a wine red
  • Very free flowering
  • Masses of 4-5 inch flowers
  • Flowers from May to September
  • Grows 2 - 3 feet
  • Especially bred for containers

All are . . .

  • New dwarf clematis, specially bred for patio pots and gardens with small spaces
  • Patio ready in decorative pots
  • Very compact hybrid: 2-3 feet
  • Long blooming - spring till fall color on the deck or patio
  • Plants abundantly covered with flowers
  • High flower and bud count - great garden value all season long
  • Vigorous
  • Disease resistant
Garden Uses
  • Smaller stature and long bloom period make the Patio Clematis™ perfect for smaller gardens
  • For use on patios, balconies and front porches
  • Can be added to mix containers or window boxes with annuals and perennials
  • After enjoying all summer, these easy to care for clematis can be wintered over, planted in the garden or discarded
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