Royal Anthos Joins Garden Media’s Family of Brands

Royal Anthos Joins Garden Media’s Family of Brands

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Royal Anthos, a Dutch trade association for bulb and nursery stock traders in the Netherlands joins forces with Garden Media Group to launch their latest international campaign. Royal Anthos received a European Union grant to educate U.S. consumers about bulbs, bulb flowers, and to promote bulb and bulb flower sales in the United States.

The campaign called “European Flower Bulbs Make You Bloom” will run for three years, beginning 2020. It will focus heavily on digital and radio advertising to raise awareness of flower bulbs and bulb flowers and engage traditional media to help educate consumers on how and when to plant bulbs.

“Our work with iBulb, a foundation founded and owned by Royal Anthos, shows us there is a big opportunity to introduce a new generation of gardeners to flower bulb gardening and the use of bulb flowers,” said Katie Dubow, garden trend-spotter and president of Garden Media Group. “Leading the charge is horticulturist and longtime resident of the Netherlands, Peggy Anne Montgomery.”

Royal Anthos members export approximately 1 billion bulbs to the United States annually.

According to Henk Westerhof, president of Royal Anthos, “We feel there are numerous opportunities to grow flower bulbs by U.S.-gardeners and we know for sure that US citizens love bulb flowers, like our famous tulips. We know households have a positive association with the product and this promotion will only strengthen that image. Much like the trends in houseplants, we see avid and potential consumers looking for the unique colors and forms to grow and share.”

Anthos was established in 1996, following the merger between the Association for Flower Bulb Traders (1900) and the Association for Plant Traders (1917). During the celebrations of its 100th anniversary, in the year 2000, the organization received the designation ‘Royal’ by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix.

Dubow says, “With the campaign’s strong backing and Peggy Anne’s experience, we predict an increase in U.S. bulb and bulb flower sales in the next three years and beyond.”


This Campaign is financed with aid from the European Union.

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