Garden Media Group Premieres New Vibrant Plants & Products for Spring 2017

Garden Media Group Premieres New Vibrant Plants & Products for Spring 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The best way to welcome spring with open arms is to get outside and dig in the garden. To get you excited for spring, Garden Media Group has released its 2017 Garden Superstars for Spring. This year’s list features delicious edible plants, easy-use indoor liquid plant foods and stunning houseplants.

“These highlighted new plants and products are our picks for this year’s superstars,” says Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media. “Gardeners who want to be on the cusp of what’s new will be inspired by these new introductions and will want to share them with friends.”  

Here is Garden Media’s list of Garden Superstars for Spring 2017.

Patio Perfect:

Grow flavorful blackberries in a container right on your patio with Bushel and Berry’s™ new Baby Cakes™ dwarf thornless blackberry. It only grows 3-4’ tall with a controlled compact habit. Enjoy sweet blackberries and lush foliage in summer. Most regions will enjoy a second crop of fruit in the fall. Plant in full sun in zones 4-8.

Learn more about Baby Cakes at

Better houseplants. It’s easy to garden organically indoors 365 days a year with The Espoma Company’s new line of liquid indoor plant foods. The liquid concentrates come in an 8 oz. bottle with a special cap that measures just the right amount of natural proteins and beneficial microbes to provide beautiful results without waste.

In addition to Espoma’s Indoor! houseplant liquid fertilizer, the new plant-specific liquid line provides essential nutrients to orchids, African violets, and cacti and succulents. And the New Insect! spray and Shine! leaf polish will keep plants looking their best.

Find the new fertilizers at local garden centers.

Bold and Beautiful: New from Costa Farms, Georgi’s Ruby Colorful Aglaonema is a true stunner. It was selected as the best new foliage plant at the Tropical Plant Industry Expo this year. The rich green leaves veined in bold red and bright chartreuse give this aglaonema the look of a high-end designer plant. And it needs little care — just water once a week. Like other Colorful Aglaonemas, Georgi’s Ruby grows in nearly any space and, like most houseplants, likes it better dry than too wet. 

Visit Costa for more info.

Have a Heart:

Beautiful heart-shaped leaves edged in green with white splashes make the newest addition to the Exotic Angel collection a top pick for 2017. Manjula pothos is more compact and slower growing than its cousins. Place this plant in a spot where it’ll get medium or bright light for best results.

For more exciting new plants and garden products for spring 2017, visit

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