Spotlight: Made in the USA Garden Products from Thriving Design and Power Planter

Spotlight: Made in the USA Garden Products from Thriving Design and Power Planter

Monday, January 10, 2022

As we enter 2022, supply chain issues from the previous year continue to linger. These issues may challenge the garden industry – but they also shine a spotlight on Made in the USA garden products.

An exciting spring is on the horizon, with recent surveys indicating that the many new “pandemic” gardeners will continue the hobby in 2022.  But with delays and shortages driven by the supply chain, will shoppers find the garden goods on shelves and online to meet their needs, or will they walk away empty-handed?

For two Made in the USA garden companies, the challenge offers an important opportunity to meet consumer needs while creating jobs and reinvesting in the communities where they live, work, and grow.

Colorado-manufactured C-BITEs from Thriving Design and Illinois-manufactured Power Planter are two family-founded businesses that saw meteoric growth in the pandemic.  Each company offers unique garden tools that embrace innovation, helping both experienced and first-time gardeners tackle the tough tasks with ease.

Thriving Design launched its signature C-BITEs to the consumer market in 2020, garnering excitement and acclaim as the world’s first fully DIY plant support system. C-BITE garden clips make gardening a snap, cleverly connecting garden stakes and ties into custom shapes and structures. Like tinker toys for the garden, C-BITEs connect into simple, sturdy plant supports that can be rebuilt and reimagined season after season.  The 2022 spring season will see the launch of a new product, the Monster Plant Support Kit, and a continued commitment to Thriving Design’s Made in the USA roots.

 “C-BITEs were truly born and raised in Colorado,” says Thriving Design Cofounder Morgan Rider. “They were invented my brother and Cofounder Jason Rider in his Fort Collins home, and we’re proud to manufacture them today in our hometown of Loveland. Colorado is where our roots are and where we continue to grow. Being a Made in the USA company means that we can employ our community, offer a process we’re proud of, and bypass overseas supply chain issues so we can meet consumer needs.”

For Power Planter owner Greg Niewold, the company’s Made in the USA commitment is a family story that spans three generations.  Founded three decades ago in rural Central Illinois on a sixth-generation family farm, the company uses only USA-sourced materials and is designed, manufactured, and distributed 100% in the USA.  Power Planter offers earth augers that resemble a giant drill bit – because that’s exactly what they are. The sturdy metal planting augers make it possible to “dig” a hole in mere seconds, and come in a range of sizes suitable for home gardeners and professional growers. Powerful, durable, and hand-welded, Power Planter’s manufacturing adheres to the same level of craftsmanship and work ethic the company was first founded on more than 30 years ago.

“Made in the USA is a promise and a commitment that Power Planter makes to our customers,” says Niewold. “To us, that promise means quality, craftsmanship, and years of experience, and it means we can deliver a product that gardeners and growers everywhere can put their trust in.”

From community reinvestment to high-quality manufacturing, these ‘home-grown’ garden goods offer consumers plenty to be excited about this spring.  To learn more, visit and