Plant Traps Launches RailScapes: Bringing Patio Planters Up

Plant Traps Launches RailScapes: Bringing Patio Planters Up

Monday, May 1, 2023

Create stunning vertical gardens – right on the railing!

RailScapes Vertical Gardening Clips, the latest innovation from Plant Traps founder Deborah Holtschlag, are set to revolutionize the way consumers create multi-tiered balcony gardens. Based in Pittsburgh, RailScapes offers an innovative solution to suspend up to 15 lb. plants at any elevation on the railing, making them a versatile and functional option for outdoor or indoor spaces. RailScapes clip onto metal, wood, and vinyl railings and can therefore be used indoors for houseplants or poinsettias on stair railings too.

The brainchild of Deborah Holtschlag, rail scaping clips were inspired by the lack of solutions for creating multi-tiered balcony gardens. Holtschlag was determined to find a tool-free way to create the kind of balcony gardens she only saw in pictures. “I wanted layers of floating gardens, more room for living, and more curb appeal. Plus, I wanted it to be tool-free and easy enough for my elderly mom to do.”

With easy installation that requires no tools, RailScapes is accessible for anyone to create a stunning and functional vertical garden. The clip’s elevation can be easily adjusted to create a cohesive and customizable vertical garden. RailScapes are a game-changer for those who love gardening but lack space or are looking for an innovative way to display their plants.

RailScapes Vertical Gardening Clips are the ultimate solution for creating a beautiful balcony garden, and Plant Traps is thrilled to offer this innovative product to consumers worldwide. Get ready to "rail-scape" your way to beautiful and sustainable outdoor living spaces.

RailScapes Vertical Gardening Clips launched in the spring of 2023 and retail for $24.95. To learn more about RailScapes or Plant Traps' mission to revolutionize balcony gardening, visit

Plant Traps is a company dedicated to creating unique and impactful ways to make more room for plants. Founded in 2021 by Deborah Holtschlag, Plant Traps specializes in designing tool-free railing planters. The company's mission is to make gardening more accessible and to promote the benefits of incorporating plants into outdoor and indoor living spaces. To learn more, visit