Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, This Valentine’s Day, Show Yourself Love, too

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, This Valentine’s Day, Show Yourself Love, too

Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Treat yourself with the gift of self-care using Garden Media Group's 2023 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

While red is the universal symbol of love, it’s the color green that will make anyone blush this Valentine’s Day, including you.

“Valentine’s Day used to be a holiday for receiving roses and chocolate, but the best gifts are often the ones we give ourselves,” says Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media Group. “Buy yourself flowers or a plant or plan a green experience, and treat yourself this year”

Gardening and caring for plants can be a therapeutic escape as well as a fun and engaging activity to share with friends and loved ones. Give yourself – or a loved one – a gift to nourish the mind, body, and soil. And not only will these green gifts shine on February 14th, but they will boost your mood long after the holiday is over.

Love the Planet with Native Plants from Garden for Wildlife
If you love pollinators as much as we do, you’ll know they love native plants. But what we don’t love is the stress of trying to find the right plants for the right region. Garden for Wildlife, from the National Wildlife Federation, has curated collections of native plants that support the most species of bees, birds, and butterflies – and all selected by region. These beautiful blooms are proven to double wildlife to your garden in just one season and add variety, color, and texture. Instead of roses, plant with a purpose.

Sow Some Love
Watch your love grow each day by planting seeds. Our favorite Valentine varieties are ‘Falling in Love’ poppy seeds and ‘Sweet Heart’ Tomatoes, but there are hundreds of varieties to love. And because self-care – and seed starting – should be easy, try your hand at the Bio Dome starter kit. It is crafted for optimal seed growth with vents to promote essential airflow, a planter to wick moisture to seeds from the bottom, and nutrient-rich planter plugs to grow bigger, better seedlings. Just add love.

For Red Plant Lovers
Petite Knock Out® is the first-ever miniature Knock Out® Rose! It has the same flower power and easy care as others in The Family, but in an adorable, compact size! Not only is the plant petite, but it displays smaller blooms than other Knock Out® Roses. It’s perfect for gardeners of every level!

A Sweetly-scented Symphony of Purple and Blue Blooms
The Wild Berry Bulb Garden is a balm of beauty ready to bloom with cool-hued spring flowers in a trendy gold and white container. Intense dark purple hyacinths with an intoxicating fragrance share the garden with lavender tulips and lilac blue beads of cone-shaped Muscari that burst from clumps of narrow leaves. Ideal for the person who has everything, this beauty always makes a great gift selection because who doesn't like lasting flowers?

Encore® Azalea Autumn Sweetheart®
With richly layered pinks as soft as a blush, Encore Azalea Autumn Sweetheart is the gift that keeps on blooming. Its stunning single to semi-double blooms span over 2” across, exploding into a colorful display in late spring and reblooming throughout the year. Vibrant emerald foliage provides a gorgeous evergreen color all year long. Autumn Sweetheart matures to 4’x4.5’ and thrives in USDA Zones 6b-10b.

Southern Living® Plant Collection Hello Darlin’™ Blueberry
For a sweet and healthy treat for yourself, Hello Darlin™ Blueberry from the Southern Living® Plant Collection dazzles with bright early blooms and bountiful berries. The stunning foliage transitions from vibrant green to dark red across the seasons; this beautiful low-chill blueberry hybrid offers year-round interest even when not full of berries. Hello Darlin™ is hardy in Zones 7a - 9b and matures to 4–5’ high x 3–4’ wide. Its size and dynamic visual interest make it perfect as an accent, hedge, or part of a kitchen garden.

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